Dime Receipts
go paperless!

How does DIME Receipts work?

DIME Receipts™ utilizes a patent pending technology called Automatic Delivery of Digital Receipts (ADDR).  A customer simply uses a credit / debit card at a participating merchant and they will receipt a digital receipt.

  • No customer email is necessary
  • No paper receipt is created
  • Digital receipts are available immediately
  • Works for in-store and online purchases


The Why Behind
Dime Receipts

Engage your customers

Dime Feedback

DIME Feedback allows merchants unprecedented engagement with their customers.

  • Convenient for customers
  • Available for each transaction
  • Provided directly back to the retailer
  • Dime offers analytic and response services


DIME Promotions

DIME Promotions allows retailers to push targeted promotions directly to their customers via the DIME app.

Promotions can be:

  • Pushed directly to specific customers
  • Available for designated periods
  • Customized based on consumer preferences